Libman Swivel Duster



1. Grip white handle in one hand and green handle in the other hand. 2. Twist green handle to the left to loosen. 3. Extend white handle to desired length. 4. Twist green handle to the right to tighten.



Libman® Swivel Duster. Family made since 1896™. Handle extends to 6 feet. Fibers attract dust, dirt and more. Surface.

Other Description

Libman guarantee: Libman isn't just a company, it's our family name. We take personal pride in our products and stand behind them. That's why we have been the cleaning experts since 1896. Expert cleaning tip #43. No more bending! The swivel duster is specially designed for all those hard-to-reach places like ceilings, above cabinets & ceiling fans. Try it out on baseboards, too! If you're not completely satisfied, simply call 800.646.6262 x 2116. For more cleaning tips visit