Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags - 100 CT



Lansinoh® Breastmilk Storage Bags. Leak proof. BPA free. Ideal for storing & freezing breastmilk. 100 pre-sterilized bags. Convenient pour spout. Patented double zipper seal. Strongest bag available.

Other Description

Introducing New Affinity Pro™ double electric breast pump - three customizable pumping styles allow you to maximize milk production and comfort. Lansinoh® Momma® feeding bottles with NaturalWave™ nipple - clinically proven to help maintain established breastfeeding patterns. BPA free, new advanced technology, Lansinoh® Affinity® Pro, double electric, battery breast pump. Lansinoh® Momma®, feeding bottle, with NaturalWave™ nipple. "When it comes to storing breastmilk, you don't want to take any chances. These are the only bags I'll use." - Lansinoh mom. Bags lay flat for efficient storage and thawing of breastmilk. Convenient pour spout and self standing bag for ease of use. Patented double zipper seal. Prevents leaks or spills. Outer write-on tab prevents ink contamination. Clearly marked measurements. On bag and durability you can trust. Tissue pack dispenser with breastmilk storage guidelines for easy access and storage. Lansinoh dispsable nursing pads-help you stay dry day or nigh. Join our community. All rights reserved. Lansinoh® is a registered trademark of Lansinoh Laboratories, Inc. 800-292-4794. ©2012 Lansinoh Laboratories, Inc.


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