Bright Air Daisy in Bloom Sparkling Bloom & Peach Air Freshener



For proper use, please be so kind to keep me attached to my stand. It's more lady like. Replace me when my fragrance has faded.



Bright Air Daisy in bloom Sparkling Bloom & Peach. Scratch & enjoy! Air Freshener For Small Spaces.

Other Description

At Bright Air, we embrace a sunny outlook. Happiness is contagious. We love surprise and delight, with the belief in positive living. So brighten up your mood and infuse your senses with Daisy in Bloom! The luscious notes of fresh peach and sweet honeysuckle are sure to bring any small space to life, while awakening your fragrance passion! Let us transport you to a place that's happy and bright with Daisy in Bloom. Make your optimism a reality! Perfect for: Bathroom. Bedroom. Office. Open stand to help me sit nicely. For Happy Adults Only. Visit us at Fragrance oils manufactured in U.S. Responsibly assembled in China. Protect your planet. Please recycle. 2011 Bright Air.


Keep out of reach from children and pets, I am not a toy. I like to keep my petals in full bloom.