PROFOOT Flex-Tastic Gel Toe Relaxers - 2 CT



Beginning with the big toe, slide toes in one at a time. If your pinkie (smallest) toe cannot fit at first, leave it out and try to fit it in after a few uses. Flex-Tastic™ might feel uncomfortable at first -be patient- it takes a little time to get used to them. We strongly suggest wearing Flex-Tastic™ for just a few minutes the first day and gradually increasing the time until you can wear them comfortably for 10 minutes. Wear them in the tub, reading, watching TV, or put your feet up and relax. Flex-Tastic™ starts to work immediately. You'll feel your toes separate and lift. This stretches the Achilles tendon, improves flexibility, and helps strengthen the feet and ankles. Care: Flex-Tastic™ can be hand washed in luke-warm soapy water. Air dry. Do not use heat. Remember: Just as strong healthy roots help a tree grow straight and tall, strong healthy feet help support the whole body and relieve stress and pain in the ankles and legs. Try these Flex-Tastic™ exercises: Balance: Stand with your big toes touching and heels slightly apart. Stand tall; hold shoulders back, hands at your side; tuck tummy in and keep chin parallel to the floor. Lift toes up and stretch them apart. Place each toe on the floor so they remain separated. Inhale slowly through the nose for a count of 6 and exhale slowly through the nose for a count of 6. Repeat 3 times. Strength: While standing tall, shift your weight slightly to the left. Lift right foot up so only the toes are on the floor. With toes separated, press firmly on the floor and hold for 10 seconds. Lift foot up and place top of foot on the floor. Press top of foot firmly on the floor and hold 10 seconds. Shift weight slightly to the right. Lift left foot up so only the toes are on the floor. With toes separated, press firmly on the floor and hold for 10 seconds. Lift foot up and place top of foot on the floor. Press top of foot firmly on the floor and hold 10 seconds. Repeat sequence 2 times. Stretch: Kneel down. Keep tummy tucked in and chin parallel to floor. Keep heels together, tuck toes under so all toes are on the floor. Sit back on your heels and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat 2 times. Flexibility: Place a small towel or washcloth on the floor. While standing, pick it up off the floor several times with your toes, and hold it alternating the left and right foot. This exercise will be a little harder if standing on a carpet. Remember to start slowly. As you become comfortable with the exercises, gradually increase the time each exercise is held and the number of repetitions. Consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program.



PROFOOT Flex-Tastic™ Gel Toe Relaxers. The secret to healthier feet. Softer more comfortable. Before. During. After. Massages & relieves sore feet. Straightens & realigns problem toes. Restores flexibility & circulation. 5 minutes a day & foot pain goes away! Ideal for: Sore feet. Bunions. Hammertoes. Dress-shoe fatigue. Contains: 2 gel toe relaxers.

Other Description

Everyone can have healthy, pain-free feet. Inspired by the healthy benefits of Yoga, the Flex-Tastic™ exerciser helps realign and relieve the pain of mistreated toes. Wear for as little as 5 minutes a day to restore foot health, relieve stress and tension in both feet and legs, and increase circulation. No need to change your routine. Wear them in the tub, while reading, or even watching TV and feel blessed relief immediately. The Profoot guarantee: We're confident that you'll love your Flex-Tastic™. If you are not satisfied for any reason, please return for a complete refund or replacement. Feel me. Ideal for sore feet, bunions, hammertoes & dress-shoe fatigue. Questions: [email protected]. ©2008 Profoot Inc.


If you have diabetes or poor circulation, consult your physician before using. If pain, numbness, or irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.
Do not wear inside of shoes.
If you have diabetes or poor circulation, please consult a doctor before using.
Never wear Flex-Tastic™ inside of shoes.
For intended use only.
Do not put shoes on over Flex-Tastic™. Injury may result.
Do not attempt walking or driving in Flex-Tastic™ injury may result. Avoid use on irritated, inflamed or infected skin, or on open wounds. Irritation may result.
Do not eat Flex-Tastic™ - choking or health problems may result.
Avoid use if you are a diabetic or have poor blood circulation. Consult a physician before use.
Flex-Tastic™ is not recommended to be shared or used by more than one person. Infection may result. Not recommended for use by children.
For external use only.
Please read before using.