Dryel Fabric Care Starter Kit Breezy Clean Scent



To clean your special care clothes: (hand washables, dry clean only, delicates, sweaters and jeans). 1. Treat it: Spray Dryel® cleaning booster on garment. Pay special attention to areas like collars and underarms. 2. Load it: Add 1-4 garments and one Ultra Cleaning™ cloth to the reusable fabric protection bag. 3. Clean it. Tumble in dryer on medium heat for 30 minutes. Also try Dryel On The Go™ instant stain remover pen to remove visible stains. Detailed instructions inside: Silks & Rayons have potential for water spotting, treatment is discouraged. Not formulated for use on leather, velvet, suede or fur. Not meant to clean heavily soiled clothes caked with mud or grease. Cleaning tips: Don't deal with the mess or hassle of hand washing and air drying. Use Dryel on garments that you typically hand wash. Get 2 things done at once! Start your Dryel load in the dryer at the same time you start a laundry load. Throw away Dryel Ultra Cleaning™ cloths after use, but save Dryel fabric protection bag (reusable for up to 30 loads). Dryel can be used in regular and HE dryers. Clothes should be slightly damp when removing them from the Dryel fabric protection bag. If needed adjust time by 5 minutes. Hang up clean and fresh garments promptly to help wrinkles fall out. To help reduce wrinkles, button or zip garments before putting them in the bag. Touch up ironing may be necessary. Detailed usage instructions: 1. Treat it: For a cleaning boost in areas like collars and underarms, spray with Dryel® cleaning booster spray before cleaning in the dryer. For visible stains like deodorant or make-up, place a paper towel behind the stain, saturate the area with the spray and blot with paper towels to remove. Visible stains will not be further removed in the dryer. Always check for colorfastness prior to using the cleaning booster spray by moistening a folded paper towel with spray and pressing against a hidden area of the garment. If any dye is removed, do not use Dryel cleaning booster spray on that garment. 2. Load it: Add 1-4 garments to the reusable fabric protection bag. Bag should not be more than half full to allow garments to tumble freely. Unfold Dryel Ultra Cleaning™ cloth and add to Dryel fabric protection bag. Zip Dryel fabric protection bag and then place in dryer. 3. Clean it: Tumble in dryer on medium heat for 30 minutes. Do not place any other objects or garments in the dryer while using Dryel.



Dryel® Breezy Clean Scent Kit. Gently clean your special care clothes. Hand washables. Fine fabrics. Dry clean only. Cleaning booster spray. For the clothes you love. Kit contents: Booster. 1 bag. 2 cloths. 30 min in-dryer cleaner. No fading. No shrinking. No stretching. Cleans 2 loads - up to 4 garments per load.

Other Description

Cleaning booster spray 3 fl oz (89ml). 2 Ultra Cleaning™ cloths 19.5cm x 25.4cm (7.5in x 10in). Reusable protection bag. Cleaning kit. Keep your clothes like new. Dryel goes beyond freshening to get a down-to-the-fiber clean! Superior cleaning performance*. Dryel is a safe and convenient way to care for your special care clothes - hand washables and delicates such as wools, linens, and cottons - as well as your dry cleaning. Dryel cleans clothes without harsh chemicals to help protect color and preserve shape. Clothes look newer longer - even after 50 cycles! Even better, Dryel now contains advanced cleaning technologies that remove body soils, and eliminate perspiration and odors caused by bacteria for a down-to-the-fiber clean! For money-saving coupons and more tips, go to: www.dryel.com. *Get two times the cleaning power of the previous Dryel formulation when you use Dryel cleaning booster spray. High efficiency. Safe for use in high efficiency dryers. Environmentally friendly. Contains no phosphate, perchloroethylene (PERC), or trichloroethylene. Satisfaction guaranteed. Fabric bag made in Vietnam. Assembled in the U.S.A. For more tips, go to: www.dryel.com. ©2013 The One Care Company. Questions or comments? Call toll free 1-888-334-4890 U.S. www.dryel.com. ©2011 The One CARE Company.


Cleaning Cloth contains Water, Cleaning Agents, preservatives, a Fiber Protection Agent and Perfume. Booster Spray contains Water, Biodegradable Cleaning Agents and preservatives.


Keep out of the reach of children. In case of eye contact with solutions, rinse thoroughly with water.