Cottontails Nuby Insulated No-Spill Soft-Sipper - 2 CT



Use: Wash before initial use and after each subsequent use. Fill cup with liquid (about 3/4 full.). Snap or screw cap on tightly to guarantee seal. Cleaning: Not dishwasher safe! Disassemble all parts and detach valve from lid when washing. Hand wash in warm water using mild liquid soap and rinse thoroughly with clear water.



Cottontails™ Nuby™ Insulated No-Spill™ Soft-Sipper™. Quality with a Caring Touch™. No-Spill™. No-mess! Leak resistant! 0 % Bisphenol A. 2 pack. 9+ mos. Easy to use! Flip top cap! Soft Sipper™ spout! With patented. Dual-Flo™ valve.

Other Description

To Luv N' Care®, Ltd. specifications. BPA free. The insulated No-Spill™ Soft Sipper™ with its colorful two-in-one cup design not only keeps liquid fresh and cool, it also helps protect furniture from a "sweating" cup. This cup features a Soft Sipper™ spout which is gentle to child's tender gums and emerging teeth. The Soft Sipper™ spout is covered by an easy-to-use flip top cap. This uniquely designed feature protects the sipper spout from contamination when not in use. Great for travel and short trips! Flip cap keeps sipper sanitary and dean. When child is ready to use the cup, the top cap simply "flips" back and rests in the lid of the cup. The Insulated No-Spill™ Soft Sipper™ features a Dual-Flo™ valve system engineered to help protect against spills or leaks. Liquids ass through spout only when your child sips. (You control the flow by reversing the valve.) The Leak Resistant Cup dispenses a variety of liquids, ranging in consistency from fruit juices to milk and water. Look for extra replacement valves, sold separately. All Nuby™ products are made of safe, durable materials and exceed all government safety regulations and standards. Cup: made from clear, break-resistant plastic which is BPA FREE. Quality guaranteed or your money back. No-Spill™, Dual-Flo™, Soft-Sipper™, and Nuby™ are trademarks licensed to Luv N' Care®, Ltd. ©2011 S&S Brands, Inc. © 2011 Luv N' Care®, Ltd.


Allowing your child to spend prolonged periods of time drinking liquids, other than water, from this sippy cup may cause early childhood tooth decay. Always use this product with adult supervision.
Do not boil. Do not microwave. To avoid possible injury, do not let child walk or run with cup. To avoid possible injury do not let child chew or teethe on the soft material of spout as it may present a choking hazard. Never use with carbonated beverages, as carbonation places product under pressure and may cause leakage. Always test temperature of liquid before feeding to baby. Always use this product with adult supervision. Please retain these instructions for future reference.


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