Mike's Harder Lemonade Lemonade Flavor - 12 CT



Mike's® Harder Lemonade. New! Surprisingly less sweet! - Mike. 8% Alc/vol. Cold. Harder. Refreshing. Premium malt beverage with natural flavors. 12, 8 fl oz cans.

Other Description

Mikes is hard. So is prison. Don't drive drunk. Flavored ale. My philosophy's always been when life gives you lemons... make lemonade. Great lemonade! I'm just a guy who had a dream about making amazing drinks for my friends. It's all about the taste - using natural ingredients to make lemonades like nobody ever tasted before and always passionate about making them even better. Taste the difference! Mike. You says you can't bring it with you. Flavored Ale. ® is a registered trademark of Mike's Hard Lemonade Co. Mike's thinks your two cents are worth a lot. Give us yours at www.mikeshard.com/twocents. Share your isms. ©2013 Mike's Hard Lemonade Co. Chicago, IL 60661.


Contains alcohol.