Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads - 2 CT



Open pack & remove gel pads. Remove gel pad from reusable tray. Gently place the gel side of the pad directly over nipple. Before breastfeeding or pumping, remove gel pad. Gently cleanse breast with warm water and pat dry before breastfeeding or pumping. After breastfeeding or pumping, reapply gel pad over nipple. Reuse for up to 72 hours or until fully saturated. In between use, store gel pads on reusable tray. Do not rinse gel pads with water. For additional cooling sensation, store gel pads in refrigerator.



Lansinoh® Soothies® Gel Pads. #1 selling gel pad for breastfeeding moms. Soothes, relieves & helps heal sore nipples. Instant, cooling pain relief. Protects nipples from friction. Contents: 2 reusable gel pads.

Other Description

Created to provide instant, cooling relief of sore, painful nipples. They soothe and comfort sensitive skin on contact and protect the delicate nipple area to enhance breastfeeding success. Soothing gel cools on contact and relieves sore nipples. Absorbent gel helps prevent leakage. Unique, soft fabric backing forms protective barrier to prevent bra friction and allow healing. Reusable for up to 72 hours. Lansinoh® is a registered trademark of Lansinoh Laboratories, Inc. 800-292-4794. ©2010 Lansinoh Laboratories, Inc. All rights reserved.


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