Kiwaii 100% True New Zealand Spring Water



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Kiwaii™ 100% True New Zealand Spring Water. Natural spring water.

Other Description

Kiwaii™. (key-why-ee). True spring water from New Zealand. Kiwaii originates from the pristine blue spring in New Zealand, one of earth's purest and best-tasting natural spring waters. Water you can trust. Kiwaii 100% true spring water is always bottled from one single source under certified organic conditions. Learn more at Water analysis. 100% natural spring water. Total dissolved solids (TDS) 110 ppm; pH 6.8; silica 78 mg/l. Bottled in BPA and melamine-free plastic. Visit our website for more information about the purity and quality of Kiwaii True spring water. Product of New Zealand. 1-877-4KIWAII (1-877-454-9244). Bottled at one source: Blue Spring, Putaruru, New Zealand. Certified kosher. Respect our planet.