Clear Alaskan Glacial Drinking Water



Store in a cool, clean, dry place away from sunlight.



Clear Alaskan Glacial Nature's Premium Drinking Water.

Other Description

Glacier to your glass. 10,000 years in the making. From Eklutna glacier. The natural water source. Share our passion. Real water. Real people. Real Alaskans. Source: Eklutna Lake, Alaska. Typical Analysis (in mg per liter). Total dissolved solids 83mg, product pH 7.8, Bicarbonates 51mg, Calcium 21mg, Magnesium 3.2 mg, Nitrate 0.14 mg, Oxygen 11mg, Sodium 2.5mg, Sulfate 26mg. To ensure the best in quality, clear Alaskan GlacialĀ® natural water is microfiltered and disinfected with Ozone (O3). For questions or a report on bottled water quality and information contact us: +1907 688 9287 or email: [email protected] Please recycle this bottle. BPA free. Join our growing global community. Ā©2014 Alaska Glacier Products LLC.