Evenflo Advanced Trainer Cup 4m+



Cups: To use: Wash with warm, soapy water before each use. Top-rack, dishwasher-safe. For sippy cups: Before giving to child, ensure valve is firmly in place at base of spout. When using handles: Attach handle to collar before screwing top onto cup. To remove handle, from collar, squeeze handles.



Evenflo® Advanced Trainer Cup 4m+. Valve with flow restrictor for baby's first cup. Promotes smooth transition from bottle to cup. Cup lids also fit advanced + wide mouth bottles. BPA free.

Other Description

Natural extension. Every baby's advocate & every parent's ally™. Unique handle is easy to hold from any angle. Expertly designed not to leak. Spouts and straws fit on infant advanced + wide-mouth bottles. ParentLink®. Answers. Advice. Affirmation™. Bottles: 8oz. 5oz. 2oz. Single and multi packs available. Starter set: Includes: 1-2oz bottle, 1-5oz bottle, 1-8oz bottle, 1-small pacifier, 1-pacifier holder, 1-bottle brush. Feeding multi-pack*: Includes: 2 - 5oz bottles, 1 - 8oz bottle, 1-formula/snack container, 1-bottle brush. *Available - not shown. Cups: 5 oz trainer cup. 8 oz Soft spout cup. 8 oz straw cup. 8 oz swing handle straw. Assorted colors available. Accessories: Steam sanitizer*. Formula/snack container. Cleaning brush. 2pk handle pack. Universal pacifier holder. *Available-not shown. Nipples: 0-3m slow flow. 3-6m medium flow. 6m+ fast flow. Pacifiers: 0-3m small. 3-6 medium. 6m+ large. EvenFlo® Bebek®. ...designed to be a natural extension of you. Stress-free feeding means you relax and baby thrives. The nipple rapidly vents, releasing air bubbles into the bottle, not baby's tummy, significantly educing gas, colic and fussiness. Enjoy the bonding time that feeding provides. Feed. Snuggle. Bond™. ...design to be a natural extension of you. www.evenflofeeding.com. See insert for instructions and warnings. US/Canada 1-855-334-2229. Evenflo and ParentLink are trademarks of Evenflo Company, Inc. Parentlink®. Answers. Advice. Affirmation™. www.evenflo.com. 1-800-233-5921, 8a.m-5p.m EST. ©2012 Evenflo Feeding, Inc.


Do not let child take cup to bed or feed for extended periods of time without adult supervision to prevent injury. Severe tooth decay may result from prolonged contact with liquids containing sugar such as milk, formula or juice. Discuss proper bottle feeding with your doctor or dentist. To avoid product damage, do not microwave. Microwave ovens heat liquids quickly and unevenly. Burns or scalding may results. Always test temperature of liquids before feeding child. This product should be used only under adult supervision. Keep all packaging materials out of children's reach as they may present a suffocation hazard. To avoid injury, do not allow child to walk or run with cup. Do not use with carbonated beverages or pulpy juices. Always inspect all parts and ensure they are in good condition before each use.
For sippy cups: Inspect the spout before each use and discard immediately if there are any signs of wear and tear or if the spout is punctured. The spout should not be used as a substitute for a pacifier. Never try to enlarge the size of the feeding hole.
For straw cups: Do not allow child to bite or chew the straw as it may cause tearing, presenting a possible choking hazard. Inspect the straw before each use and discard immediately if straw is torn. Straws should not be used by babies under 6 months of age.