Cryopak Kool Kidz Hot/Cold Therapy For Kids



Cold therapy: Place gel pack in the freezer and remove when ready to use. Wrap gel pack in a towel and apply to the desired area. Cold therapy is recommended for a 10 minute duration. Treatment time should not exceed 30 minutes. Hot therapy: Place gel pack in the microwave and heat for 15 seconds. Remove, wrap in towel and place on desired area. If more heat is required, heat in 5 second intervals until desired temperature is reached.



Cryopak. Non-toxic, BPA free, reusable. Kook Kidz??????????????????. Environmentally safe. Hot/cold therapy for kids.

Other Description

Burns, bumps, bruises, sprains, strains, scrapes, cuts, insect bites. Cryopak protected.


Do not eat.
Do not overheat. Overheating gel pack may result in rupturing pack and injury.
Do not apply gel pack directly to skin for hot or cold therapy.
To be used under adult supervision.