Penta Ultra-Purified H2O



Penta® Ultra-Purified H2O.

Other Description

We are water, pure & simple. Chlorine free. BPA free. MTBE free. Chromium 6 free. Fluoride free. Trace pharmaceuticals free. Arsenic free. BPS free. Live pure drink Penta. Ultra pure. Less than 1 part per million T.D.S. No additives. We use physics, not chemistry. Fast hydration. Absorbs quickly into your cells. Patented process. 11 hours & 13 steps to perfection. Water is life. Live pure drink Penta. Learn more at 100% recyclable. Recycle 100%. Produced with solar power. Source: San Bernadino Deep Wells NV 10531 NYSHD. For water quality information please call 800.531.5008 or visit