Lime-A-Way Toilet Bowl Cleaner Thick Gel Formula



Read the entire label before using this product. To open child resistant cap: Hold bottle firmly with one hand on a flat surface. With other hand place your thumb and index finger on the ridged areas and squeeze sides of cap while turning counterclockwise. Avoid squeezing bottle when opening. Cap is not removable. To reseal, twist cap clockwise until tightly closed. To clean toilet bowl follow these easy steps: 1. First flush toilet and remove excess dirt and grime before cleaning. 2. Wet all surfaces of bowl interior, including sides of bowl and under the rim, with at least 4 oz of Lime-A-Way® toilet bowl cleaner (squeeze bottle approximately 15 seconds). Replace cap securely. 3. Let soak for at least 10 minutes. Do not close toilet bowl lid. 4. Brush entire bowl thoroughly with a bowl brush and flush. 5. Rinse brush in fresh water after use. To remove tough rust, calcium & lime stains: 1. Apply a generous amount of Lime-A-Way® toilet bowl cleaner directly onto tough stains. For severe rust stains, if possible, remove water from bowl before applying liquid. 2. Let soak for 15 minutes. Do not close toilet bowl lid. 3. Follow cleaning steps #4 and #5 above. Repeat if necessary. Lime-A-Way® toilet bowl cleaner has been specially formulated for use only in toilet bowls. It should not be used or placed on toilet bowl lids, vanities, sinks, bathtubs, cabinets, countertops, rugs, etc. Clean up spills and drips immediately. Do not use with chlorine bleach or any other chemical products.



Lime-A-Way® Thick Gel Formula Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Removes the toughest stains in seconds. Destroys: Lime, calcium, rust. Caused by hard water build-up.

Other Description

Lime-A-Way® toilet bowl cleaner: Thick formula coats and effectively covers bowl for that all around clean. Remains in contact with tough mineral stains longer for a deeper clean. Dissolves stubborn rust, calcium and lime stains - even below the waterline. Leaves your toilet bowl completely clean, shiny and fresh smelling. Safe for plumbing and septic systems. Contains no phosphorus. Encourage your local authorities to establish a program to recycle this bottle. This bottle is made of 25% Post-consumer recycled plastic. Questions? 1-800-228-4722. For ingredient and other information, ©2014 RB. Reckitt Benckiser.


Keep out of reach of children.
Danger: Corrosive. Harmful or fatal if swallowed. Causes irreversible eye damage and skin burns. Do not get in eyes, on skin, or on clothing. Do not ingest. Wear protective eyewear, gloves, and protective clothing. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling. Do not breathe vapor or fumes. Use in well-ventilated areas. Do not mix with bleach or other household chemicals as harmful fumes may result. Fumes are corrosive to metal. Contains hydrochloric acid.
First aid: If in eyes, immediately rinse eyes thoroughly with water. Remove any contact lenses and continue rinsing eyes for at least 15 minutes. Immediately call a physician or Poison Control Center. If on skin, immediately wash with soap and water. Immediately call a physician or Poison Control Center. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Rinse mouth and drink a glass of water. Immediately call a physician or Poison Control Center. If inhaled, move person to fresh air. Immediately call a physician or Poison Control Center for further advice.


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