Fiji Natural Artesian Water



Fiji® Natural Artesian Water. From the islands of Fiji®.

Other Description

The soft taste of solid rock. The distinctive taste of Fiji water is years in the making. That's how long it takes tropical rainfall to filter through ancient volcanic rock and naturally acquire the silica that gives Fiji its signature soft, smooth taste. Sourced from a sustainable underground aquifer, it's untouched by man. Until you unscrew the cap. Earth's Finest Water™. Bottled at source. Source: Yaqara, Viti Levu, Fiji Islands. Please recycle. Typical analysis in MG/liter: Silica - 93mg/L. Calcium - 18mg/L. Magnesium - 15mg/L. pH - 7.7. Bicarbonates - 152mg/L. Total dissolved solids - 222mg/L. Electrolytes. BPA free. For water quality and information: 1.877.426.3454.