Good Living Furniture Touch-Up Markers - 3 CT



Start with the lightest marker. After successive applications color will darken. If after two or three applications color is not dark enough, move to the next darkest marker. 1. Apply lightly in the direction of the grain. 2. Wipe immediately with soft cloth to remove excess. 3. Clear away scratches and scuffs on wooden furniture. 4. Blend the three shades to match your furniture.



Good Living™ Furniture Touch-Up Markers. For light, medium and dark finishes. Dark. Medium. Light. 3 PCS.

Other Description

Features: Restore color to worn edges. Tough, colorfast, long-lasting. Dries to the touch in seconds. Touch-up markers contain the same special formulation of dyes used by furniture manufacturers and dealers in their factories and showrooms for quick, permanent touch-up and repair. Colors blend with most fine furniture finishes. We guarantee our products! Each item is carefully inspected by our quality control department in order to meet our stringent expectations. If, for any reason, you are unhappy with the performance of your Good Living product, please return it to: Good Living™ 30773 Wiegman Road Hayward, CA 94544. We will send you a brand new replacement product or one of equal value. Good Living™ Satisfaction guaranteed.