Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer



Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer. New. Clinically proven precise and accurate readings. Quick and easy no struggle or stress. Color-coded temperature guidance. Includes thermometer, protective cap and 2 batteries. Same professional accuracy. No touch or forehead.

Other Description

No touch or touch forehead: Why No touch + forehead? The Braun No touch + forehead thermometer gives you accurate readings instantly. The first ever thermometer with the convenience of two clinically proven options to take the temperature - completely non-invasive no touch or traditional forehead touch. Also good for use on a sleeping child. Temperature guidance: Large color-coded screen changes from green to yellow to red, depending on the temperature reading. Easy to use and measures instantly: No need to swipe. Guidance system: Unique on-screen positioning system confirms proper distance for taking temperature and gentle guidance light directs you for accurate aiming. Safe and hygienic: No probe covers needed. Recommended for infants, children and adults. Breakthrough technology. Innovative technology captures twice as much body heat compared to traditional forehead products. Accuracy sensor guides you to the right distance to take a reading. Get the same professional accuracy whether touching your child's forehead or holding up to 2 inches away. For infants, children and adults. Contents: Braun no touch + forehead thermometer. Protective cap. 2 AA alkaline batteries. For home use only. 3 year guarantee. Uses 2 alkaline batteries (included). Meets the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) accuracy requirement specified in ASTM standard E1965-98, as it pertains to infrared thermometers. 3 year limited warranty (see use and care manual inside for details). This product is manufactured by Kaz USA, Inc., under license to the 'Braun' trademark. 'Braun' is a registered trademark of Braun GmbH, Kronberg, Germany. *A traditional forehead product without any optical system to capture radiated heat. ©2014 All rights reserved. Kaz USA, Inc.