Small Town Brewery Not Your Father's Ginger Ale - 6 CT



Best served. Chilled or poured in a glass over ice. We know you'll enjoy it, we do.



Small Town® Brewery Not Your Father's® Ginger Ale. Must be +21 to purchase. Ale brewed 5.9% alcohol by volume with ginger. 5.9% Alc/vol. See bottom panel for flavor profile.

Other Description

My great-great-grandfather from the 1600s was the captain of a ship in England. He was also a bit of a gambler. As legend has it, he won a brewery during a high-stakes card game, which led him to start crafting his own beers. He began brewing beer on the ships he sailed. This allowed him to travel further than other vessels because beer stayed fresh during long journeys. The story goes that his beer was even consumed on a fleet of ships he commanded that transported some of the earliest settlers to America. Growing up, I was told that my great-great-grandfather was a ship captain, but I never heard the complete story until I expressed an interest in making my own beer. When I told my mom that I planned to open a brewery, she finally revealed my family's beer making history and why brewing was "in my blood". Using some of my great-great-grandfather's recipes as inspiration, I founded Small Town Brewery. At Small Town, our goal is to honor my family's beer making tradition by brewing specialty beers with unique and flavorful ingredients. Tim Kovac, Founder & brewmaster. This is beer flavored with spices. We like to think of it as a refreshing ale brewed with ginger. Small Town brewery makes specialty beers that utilize. Unique ingredients with an unmistakable taste of nostalgia.


Ginger, Spices.