Gerber Graduates Sip & Smile Soft Spout Spill-Proof Cups



Care: Wash before first use. Disassemble before cleaning. Wash with hot water and mild detergent, then rinse clean. Dishwasher safe (top rack only). Allow to dry before storage. To avoid damage, do not use a nipple brush or similar object to clean the valve. Note: The patented SureFlo® valve technology used on this cup is leak proof. If cup is held upside down, a few drops may come from the spout immediately after use. Not intended for use with pulpy juice, carbonated beverages, or hot liquids.



Gerber® Graduates® Sip & Smile® Soft Spout Spill-Proof Cups. By NUK® for Toddlers. For easy transition from bottles. BPA free. Extra soft spout gentle on sensitive teeth and gums. Easy grip handles. Leak-proof valve - patented SureFlo® Technology. Lid & valve interchangeable with all Fun Grips® and Sip & Smile® cups. 7+m. Develop skills without spills™.

Other Description

NUK® brand trusted by moms for over 25 years in North Amierica. The complete line of Graduates® cups and tableware by NUK® is designed to make learning to self-feed easy and fun every step of the way! Learner Cup - 6m+. Bunch-a-Bowls® - 9m+. Toddler Soft-Bite Spoons, Sip & Smile® 9 oz Insulated Cup - 12m+. Kiddy Cutlery - 18m+. Ultimate™ & Fun Grips® Straw Cup Lines - 24m+. Sip & Smile® 7oz Spill-Proof Cups. Extra soft spout designed to help ease transition from bottle or breast to cup. Easy-grip handles designed to encourage thumb and finger coordination. Extra soft spout gentle on baby's sensitive teeth and gums. Flow-control valve activated by child sipping. Leak proof valve - patented SureFlo® Technology. Lid and valve interchangeable with all Fun Grips® and Sip & Smile® Spill-Proof Cups. To learn more about NUK® products visit us @ 1-888-NUK-1238. Gerber, Graduates and the baby head logo are registered trademarks of Societe des Produits Nestle S.A., Vevey, Switzerland, used under license. NUK is a registered trademark of Mapa GmbH, Zeven, Germany. SureFlo is a registered trademark of Liquid Molding Systems, Inc. 2010. All rights reserved.


To prevent possible choking hazard, test strength before each use by pulling the spout in all directions. Any tear can lead to the separation of pieces. Discontinue use if any tear or crack appears. Allowing your child to spend prolonged periods of time drinking liquids, other than water, from a cup may cause early childhood tooth decay.
Caution: Always supervise children when eating/drinking. To avoid injury, do not allow a child to walk or run with a cup. Do not microwave.


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