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Take Cold-Eeze® natural allergy symptom relief when you have allergy symptoms. For ages 12 years and older: Take 1 caplet with water. Repeat every 8-12 hours as needed until all symptoms subside. Do not take more than 3 caplets per day. Recommended daily dose is 2 caplets per day. For individuals under the age of 12, consult a healthcare practitioner before use. Other information: Do not crush or divide the Cold-Eeze® natural allergy symptom relief caplets. Store in a dark, cool and dry place.



Cold-Eeze® Natural Allergy Relief™. New. Up to 12 Hours extended-release. For relief of: Congestion. Itchy eyes. Runny nose & stuffy nose. Homeopathic. Non drowsy. For indoor & outdoor allergies.

Other Description

Cold-Eeze® Natural Allergy Relief is formulated to help you with temporary relief of symptoms associated with indoor/outdoor and seasonal allergies. Our goal is for you to feel better faster. Our Natural Allergy Relief product has a unique formula with premium quality natural ingredients to safely relieve your allergy symptoms. Each coated caplet provides up to 12 hours of extended release to help you feel better. Premium natural herbal extracts. Natural active ingredients. Coated caplets. Uses: For temporary relief of symptoms associated with allergies: breathing difficulties, headache, congestion, itchy eyes, runny nose, stuffy nose and bronchial spasms. Questions or comments: Call 1-800-505-2653 (M-F: 9AM-5PM EST).


Active Ingredient (per caplet) - Purpose. Allium Cepa L 2X, Eupatorium Perfoliatum 1X, Polygonum Fagopyrum L. 2X, Pothos Foetidus 2X, Sambucus Nigra 1X, Tussilago Petasites L.1X, Urtuca Dioica 1X, Zincum Gluconicum 2X - for temporary relief of symptoms associated with allergies. Inactive Ingredients: Carbopol, Dibasic Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate, Methocel, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Stearic Acid.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Ask a doctor before use if you: Are on anticoagulant therapy, barbiturates, or are under medical supervision for diabetes and are taking diabetes medication, as sambucus nigra (elder flower) can decrease blood sugar levels.
Stop use and ask your healthcare practitioner: If you have noticed any allergic reaction or rashes or if symptoms persist beyond 5 days.
If pregnant or breast feeding, ask a healthcare practitioner before use.
Keep out of reach of children.


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