Ahold Acadia Natural Spring Water - 35 CT



Acadia® Natural Spring Water. Eco-Air™ Bottle. 11 More Bottles Than Leading Brand. 35 pack. 35-16.9 fl oz bottles (591 fl oz) 4.6 gal. 35-500 ml bottles (17.5 L).

Other Description

Eco-Air™ Bottle - one of the most environmentally friendly bottles ever!* Choose the highest quality bottle with over 30% less plastic!* It is our responsibility to provide our customers with quality they can trust and innovative products to satisfy their needs. We've also taken the time to partner with suppliers that design their bottles with something else in mind... our Planet. The Eco-Air™ Bottle is easy to handle and its contoured shape offers a perfect combination of function, design, and environmental consideration. The product you are purchasing is 100% recyclable and is one of the most environmentally friendly plastic 1/2 liter bottles ever produced!*. *Based on a nationally conducted audit of plastic 1/2 liter bottles. Visit www.niagarawater.com/eco-air-bottle.aspx for more details. 1-877-846-9949. 1-877-ITS-PURE. For source information, please see individual bottles inside. Quality guaranteed or your money back. Please recycle. Sources: protected springs in tower city, PA; Hazleton, PA; white haven, PA; pine grove, PA; aubum, PA; and/or asbury, NJ. Bottled by: Niagara bottling, LLC, Ontario, CA 91764. ©2011 Ahold Licensing, Sarl.


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