ArtSkills Glitter Shakers - 8 CT



1. Squeeze, craft glue onto surface. 2. Spread, glue in a thin layer. 3. Sprinkle, glitter onto glue & allow to dry. Then discard excess glitter.



ArtSkills® Glitter Shakers™ - 8 CT New! Reusable fun shaped stencils! (Star, flower & heart). Great for posters! 8 flip top shakers! Ultra fine glitter!

Other Description

Glitter Shakers are perfect for posters and signs! Free! Online poster wizard only at Easier, faster, better posters. Decoration, layout, research, lettering, presentation, color. 1 craft glue. Plastic stencil. We proudly sponsor, kids in need foundation. 100% recycled fiber. For questions and comments please e-mail [email protected]. ©2009, ArtSkills. Conforms to ASTM - Standard D4236.