Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Water From Iceland - 6 PK



Icelandic™. Glacial. Discover Iceland's. Greatest natural resource. Natural spring water from Iceland. 100% sustainable spring. 8.4 pH naturally alkaline. 100% carbon neutral. 6 x 500ml single bottles. 6 x 16.9 fl oz bottles (3 liters and 101.4 fl oz).

Other Description

NSF® independently certified. CarbonNeutral® product. Naturally occurring pH 8.4. At the source: Total dissolved solids (TDS) 62 PPM. Bottled at the source: Olfus Spring, Iceland. For a report on water quality and information, call: +1-424-201-6800. BPA free. Direct from Iceland's legendary Olfus Spring, Icelandic Glacial is a pristine natural spring water filtered through ancient lava rock, creating remarkable purity, natural alkalinity and optimal mineral balance. Clean, crisp and untouched, discover nature's perfection with every sip. This box is made from recycled cardboard and cardboard from a sustainable forest while being produced with renewable energy. Please recycle. Ecolabelled Printing Company.