Fresh Drop Bathroom Odor Preventor



Easy to use: Put one drop (or two) into toilet bowl immediately before use. Each drop forms a blocking layer on the surface of the water to trap and eliminate odors before they escape into the air. Fresh drop neutralizes embarrassing odors on contact. Environmentally friendly: Fresh drop is a highly concentrated plant extract that is safe to use on any toilet (home, office, campers, septic systems, portable toilets, ect).



Fresh Drop™ Bathroom Odor Preventor. New! A fresh drop before you go, no one will ever know! Blocks odors. IMS™. Brand with Braille.

Other Description

Inspiration Foundation™: Thank you for purchasing an IMS Brands with Braille' product. A portion of the proceeds from this purchase will be donated to the Inspiration Foundation (IF), a nonprofit organization created in honor of my mother, to continue her mission to help people with, vision loss live fulfilling and independent lives. -Isaac Shapiro president/CEO IMS trading. No more odors! Environmentally friendly. Great for home, office, and travel!


Perfume, Plant Extracts, Chemical Deodorizer, Surface Active Agent, Alcohol.


Keep out of reach of children.
Wash hands with soap and water after each use. Wipe spills immediately. Not for eyes! If in eyes, flush with water immediately for at least 15 minutes with eyelid open and contact a physician.
Do not ingest. If ingested, rinse mouth with water, do not induce vomiting. Contact a physician.


IMS Trading, LLC
Los Angeles, California