Llanllyr Source Sparkling Water



Llanllyr Source Sparkling Water. Natural spring water drawn from the organic fields of Llanllyr, Wales. Since 1180. 750 ml e 25.4 fl oz.

Other Description

Source water has been drawn from the same springs in Llanllyr, Wales since 1180, when The Great Lord Rhys first settled the land. Over the last 800 years, the fields have been farmed organically protecting this wonderfully pure and balanced water. Today, with our continued commitment to sustainability and to the environment, we invite you to enjoy one of the world's finest waters, coveted by chefs and connoisseurs across the globe. Source. A carbon neutral & ethical company. Mineral analysis: Typical values mg/L. Calcium - 12. Magnesium - 8. Sodium - 12. Potassium - 2. Chlorides - 15. Sulphates - 17. Bicarbonates - 67. Dry residue at 180 c - 111. Please recycle. For a report on water quality and information call +44 1570470788. www.llanllyrsource.com.