McCormick Gourmet Global Selects Szechuan Pepper Salt & Spice Blend



McCormick Gourmetâ„¢ Selects Szechuan Pepper Salt & Spice Blend. Vibrant. Net Wt 1.05 oz (29 g).

Other Description

A complex blend of Szechuan, pink, green and black peppercorns with coriander seed and sea salt. This vibrant seasoning has bright lemony flavor and a tingly taste. Grind over seafood, steak, chicken and vegetables, or add to Asian recipes. Created from the outer husks of the peppercorn, the Szechuan peppercorn is prized for its earthy, lemony flavor and mouth-tingling taste. Some chefs believe the tingling effect of this spice allows you to most truly experience the other flavors of a dish. Blended with coriander, pink, green and black peppercorns, this vibrant combination will add a punch of flavor to any meal. Use as a finishing pepper over seafood, steak, chicken and vegetables. Or, sprinkle on stir-fries, tofu, rice and noodles. Ideal for seafood, steaks and vegetables for an interesting twist. For nutrition information contact: McCormick & Co., Inc. Hunt Valley, MD 21031-1100. Recipes? Call: 1-800-632-5847 or Visit our website:


Black Peppercorns, Sea Salt, Coriander, Green Peppercorns, Pink Peppercorns (Schinus Terebinthifolius) and Szechuan Peppercorns.