Post-it Notes Unique Shape Coffee/Dounut - 2 PK



Post-it® Notes Unique Shape Coffee/Dounut. 2 - 30 EA. 2.9 in x 2.9 in Total 60.

Other Description

Post-it® Notes come in multiple sizes to help you achieve your goals. 8x6 Brainstorm. 4x6 List. 5x8 Plan. 2x2 Jot. 4x4 Share. Flag: Mark. 3x3 Remind. Post-it® Notes are recyclable where local paper recycling programs are in place. Made with globally sourced materials. 3M, Post-it and the color Canary Yellow are trademarks of 3M. Used under license in Canada. All rights reserved. Call 1-800-364-3577 (Canada)., © 2016, 3M.


Notice: Adhesive may mark some surfaces or lift inks. Colors may bleed when wet. Test before using.