Niagara Non-Aerosol Spray Starch Original



Ideal for linen, cotton and natural fabrics. Non-aerosol spray dispenses fine mist that absorbs quickly into fabric. Imparts fresh, linen scent that diminishes after ironing. For all washable fabrics. Do not use on garments labeled "Dry Clean Only". Use steam or dry iron at recommended fabric setting. Spray entire garment lightly and evenly, holding spray nozzle 6 to 10 inches from fabric. For additional stiffness, re-spray and iron again. Avoid spraying on floors; residue may make floors slippery. Ironing tips. If clogging should occur, pump trigger several times. Starch should begin to spray again. Incorrect iron temperature can cause flaking, sticking and scorching.



Niagara® Original Non-Aerosol Fresh Linen Scent Spray Starch. Ozone friendly. Biodegradable. Ingredient. Removes tough wrinkles. Guaranteed not to flake.

Other Description

With Niagara® Non-Aerosol, ironing has never been so natural. Contains more than 97% nature based and biodegradable ingredients. Labeled bottle is 100% recyclable. Products are never tested on animals. Does not contain ozone depleting propellants. Quality brands. Priced for living. Limited warranty to consumers. Good housekeeping. Since 1909. Replacement or refund if defective. Questions? Call 1-866-794-0800. ©2012 Phoenix Brands LLC. Niagara® is a registered trademark of Phoenix Brands LLC.


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