Earthworm Household Odor Eliminator



Shake well before using. Remove or clean any obvious odor sources. Spray the area you suspect is causing the odor. Enzymes will start to "digest" the odor source immediately. Stubborn odors may require repeat applications.



NATURAL ENZYME-BASED. Earthworm. Family-Safe & Fragrance-Free. Household Odor Eliminator. 22 FL. OZ. (650 mL).

Other Description

THE NATURAL POWER OF ENZYMES: All living things contain enzymes. Enzymes are proteins that convert organic material into harmless nutrients and water. The human body uses about 75,000 of these microscopic workhorses to help perform essential tasks such as breathing and digesting food. Think of them as nature's recyclers. Enzymes are the key ingredient in Earthworm Household Odor Eliminator's natural formula. It attacks and removes the source of most odor-causing bacteria, such as food particles, pet waste, tobacco, garbage and almost any other organic material. The result is an odor-free area that smells fresh and clean, without any chemical residue. It's biodegradable, earth-friendly and does not contain any caustic chemicals... so its safe to use around children and pets. Clean Earth Brands. A Division of Positive Attitude Industries. P.O. Box 287, Marlboro, NJ 07746. For more product information visit: Questions? Comments! Call (888) 728-5770. Not tested on animals. Clean Earth Brands. NATIONAL GREEN ENERGY COUNCIL PROUD MEMBER. WWW.GREENENERGYCOUNCIL.COM.


Water, Natural Enzyme Blend, Plant-Derived Surfactant, Trace Preservative.


CAUTION: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. While this product contains natural ingredients, if it is accidentally ingested drink large quantities of milk and water and seek medical attention. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Do not use in contact with solvent-based cleaning products, as they will lessen this product's effectiveness. Do not store in extreme heat (over 100 F) or cold (under 32 F).