Farberware Classic Soap Dispensing Scrubby



How to Use: 1. Twist off cap to open. 2. Fill reservoir three-quarters full with liquid soap. Replace cap. 3. Wet bristles, then press down on cap to dispense soap as needed.



Farberware® Classic Soap Dispensing Scrubby. 100 Years of Excellence. Nylon Brisstles That Hold Up Under Tough Scrubbing.

Other Description

The Secret. Liquid Soap. Hidden plunger action releases liquid soap into the nylon bristles. Due to different consistencies of liquid soaps, if your flow is not even, add a few drops of water to the reservoir. Farberware® is a registered trademark of Farberware Licensing Company, LLC. Manufactured and sold pursuant to a license from Farberware Licensing Company, LLC. All rights reserved. ©2011 Farberware Licensing Company, LLC.